Last Call Mixology uses only the freshest, in-season ingredients to deliver the highest quality cocktail blends to our customers. All blends are raw and unpasteurized, which means the nutrients and vitamins from the fruits and vegetables remain intact. Because of this, please enjoy our blends by the date listed on the bottle, 4 days from crafting/receiving.

House Call Bar Kit Rental

  • Last Call: HOUSE CALL complete mini bar kits contain everything you need to effortlessly host your socially distanced gathering at home, while impressing your guests with high quality cocktails. Delivered within 2 hours of your event and picked up shortly after the event ends, there's no need for a last minute ice run or washing glasses post-party- simply supply your spirit of choice and we will provide the rest!


    Each Craft Bar Kit includes: 

    • x2 Sharing Size Cocktail Blends of Choice
      (each one is 32 oz and makes 8 cocktails), $44 value

    • 8 Glasses

    • Ice bucket with Ice & Scoop

    • Stainless Steel Garnish Picks

    • Specialty Garnish, based on your blend selections

    • 20 Napkins


    **We wash and sanitize all rental items per CDC recommendations between deliveries.


    Raw and unpasteurized. Enjoy by date on the bottle. Cheers!

  • Please include the event date and start/end time in the notes!


    Local delivery is exclusively available within Maplewood, South Orange, Millburn, Summit, and West Orange, NJ