Preparing Cocktails

Last Call: The Beginning

Founder Victor Castellanos spent a decade bartending at the top, most exclusive restaurants in NYC, including the celebrated La Esquina Brasserie, where he rubbed shoulders with actors, musicians, and professional athletes. Victor would craft 'off-menu' cocktails for these VIP customers, which would be specifically requested each time they returned.

Developing new distinctive flavor profiles using fresh high quality ingredients became his passion. Last Call Mixology offers specialty craft cocktail mixers, bar services for private and corporate events, and our newest pandemic offering - Last Call: HOUSE CALL bar kits delivered to your door.

Last Call uses only the freshest, locally sourced, and in-season ingredients to deliver exceptional cocktail blends. All of our blends are raw and unpasteurized - leaving all nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins remain intact. All blends are meant to taste great with or without spirits added.